You are in the www.erreduemakeup.com website created by AROMCA SA (hereinafter referred to as AROMCA), for the purpose of offering the Erre Due products and services to visitors-users. The www.erreduemakeup.com web page is a website which offers tips and provides cosmetic products.

The Erre Due electronic shop is a user-friendly, private online website of purchasing services to the user; it operates on a 24-hour basis, and offers a wide range of Erre Due products, as well as beauty and personal care tips. Hoping that you enjoy your navigation in our www.erreduemakeup.com web page, we would like to point out that it is important that you read carefully the present terms and conditions which govern the use of this webpage, given that by accessing the present webpage and by submitting electronically a product purchase order you conclude a legally binding agreement-contract with us, which implies that you fully comprehend and that you explicitly and unconditionally agree with all the terms and conditions set forth below in detail as they are. If you are not certain about your rights or you need any clarification or explanation, you are kindly requested to contact a company representative by sending a message via the special communication form of the web page before submitting your order.

Content and Intellectual Property

The www.erreduemakeup.com web page contains information, data, software, distinctive titles, photographs, graphics, video clips, texts, pictures, sound clips etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Content”), which are the intellectual property of AROMCA or of third parties contracted by it and are protected by Greek and international rules on trademarks and intellectual and industrial property. You explicitly and unconditionally agree that you shall not use, modify, remove, add, publish, reprint, negotiate or make any use whatsoever of Content or any part of Content for any commercial or other purpose.

We inform you that the colour shades of our products have been rendered as accurately as possible on our webpage. However, we do not guarantee the accurate depiction of the dimensions, size as well as colour shades of the products on screens of different quality, as well as the accurate depiction of the natural colour of the product. If the product offered on the webpage is not to your satisfaction, is defective or wrong, the only acceptable process of return is the one related to the reasons and the return terms set forth in the “Product Return Policy” section. The use of goods-products for unacceptable purposes constitutes a breach of intellectual property rights and other rights of AROMCA, of our franchisees or our content providers. All rights not explicitly granted to you are retained by us. Any unauthorized use of our webpage or its content for whatever purpose is prohibited. AROMCA shall not be responsible in any way for any links, hyperlinks or plug-ins included in the present webpage. More specifically, our web page has the right to use additional plug-ins. The respective providers are liable for these plug-ins. In case you are not a customer of a plug-in provider or of an external service connected through plug-in, or you have not consented to the recording and use of data by the abovementioned providers, we suggest that you do not select or use such plug-ins. You are requested to consult the respective plug-in web pages for further information on the way, extent and aims of recording, using and possible processing of data and personal information.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

AROMKA reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present Terms and Conditions of the transactions made through the webpage without prior notification, and inform the visitors-users by posting new terms and conditions in the present webpage. In any case, by continuing to use the present webpage you explicitly and unconditionally agree that you accept the new modified terms, of which you are informed as mentioned above. Finally we can, with or without prior notification, terminate any of the rights granted to you by means of these Terms and Conditions. Nothing included in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as creating a representation/agency, co-operation or any other form of joint venture between us. Our failure to request that you perform any provision of the present, shall not affect our full right to request this performance at any subsequent time, nor shall our waiver of any breach of any provision of the present be deemed or constitute a waiver of the provision itself. In case any provision of these Terms and Conditions is rendered non-enforceable or invalid pursuant to any applicable law or is judged as such by any arbitral or judicial decision, such non-enforceability and invalidity shall not render these Terms and Conditions non-enforceable or invalid in total, but these terms and conditions shall be modified, to the extent possible, by the competent judicial authority so that they reflect more accurately the initial will of the parties, as reflected in the initial provision.

Basic Terms

Before proceeding to citing in detail the individual sections of the present web page – website it is necessary to explain briefly the basic terms mentioned in this web page.

   “Content” shall mean information, data, software, distinctive titles, photographs, graphics, video clips, texts, pictures, sound clips, etc.
   “Conditions” shall mean the usual sale terms and conditions defined in the present document.
   “Agreement or Contract” shall mean the distance contract on the sale of goods concluded between AROMCA as supplier and you as consumer, in the context of an organized distance sales system, without the simultaneous physical presence of either supplier or consumer, but through the exclusive use of distance communication means, and specifically through the exclusive use of the Internet by means of the present webpage, e-mail and telephone, up to the moment the contract is concluded.
   “Payment card” shall mean the credit or debit card you have selected to use as a payment method for the products you have ordered.
   “Delivery area” shall mean Greece and all other countries.
   “Goods-products-merchandise” shall mean the products you have ordered, including any part or component of them, which are available for purchase from our web page according to the present Terms and Conditions.
   “Information system” shall mean a system for the creation, dispatch, reception, storage or other processing of electronic communication.
   “Order” shall mean any order from you to us for the provision of products, which takes place electronically by submitting and filling in the Order form.
   “Notifications” shall mean notifications, messages and other forms of communication, either published in the present web page or sent by e-mail.
   “Order form” shall mean the electronic order form filled in and submitted electronically by you.
   “Communication form” shall mean the electronic communication form filled in and submitted electronically by you so as to contact us for any reason whatsoever.
   “Regulations” shall mean the legal provisions on Consumer Protection (Distance Selling).
   “Website” shall mean our presence on the World Wide Web, currently accessible through www.erreduemakeup.com.

Your account

The use of the present web page requires that you agree: a) to provide true, precise, complete and valid personal data as required by the data form for the creation and maintenance of your account (hereinafter referred to as “Account”) and b) to update instantly this data in case of change, so that it remains true, precise, updated and complete.

The provision on your part of incorrect, imprecise, insufficient or invalid data will result in the suspension or cancellation of your account and the prohibition to use our web page, as well as the negation to use currently or in the future our web page either partly or wholly. Your account data is subject to the provisions on the Protection of Personal data, as described in detail in the relevant “Privacy Policy-Personal Data Protection” section.

Two codes are necessary for your access and identification: 1. User name (email or user name) and 2. the Personal Secret Password (password); every time you enter them they provide you with exclusive access to your personal account in full security. Obviously, you are allowed to change your Personal Secret Password (password) as often as you wish to. You are the only person who has access to your data by means of the codes mentioned above and you are exclusively responsible for the security and confidentiality of your password and your account in general, as well as for any purchasing activity through its use, that is, you are solely responsible for any and all of the activities that appear in your account.

In case of possible loss or leakage of your Personal Secret Password (password) you should immediately proceed to our instant notification via the special communication form of our web page; otherwise the Erre Due electronic store shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for the use of your account and password by an unauthorized person. For security reasons, we suggest that you change your password regularly and that you avoid using similar and easily detectable codes (e.g. date of birth, name and surname etc.)

You also agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security you may become aware of. You are solely responsible for taking precautions and proper security measures with regard to using the web page services.

We have the right to disclose the user account, the content or the use of files, as well as relevant information under certain circumstances (for example in case of legal liability, in the context of a legal procedure, in case of a Public Prosecutor’s or, in general, judicial authorities orders, summons or warrants, or for the protection of our company customers rights). The relevant conditions are set forth in full in the relevant “Privacy Policy – Personal Data Protection” section.

Consent to receive electronic notifications

You consent to receive from us possible notifications, messages and other forms of communication these Terms and Conditions refer to, including electronic forms of communication, without limitation, through e-mail or by publishing notifications in the present website. You agree that all notifications sent to you electronically fulfill any legal claim that such communication will be in writing.

Please note that your consent to receive notifications is totally different from any option you may make regarding the reception of advertising messages (subscription to newsletter).

Applicable law

This web page was created and is maintained by AROMCA S.A., the registered office of which is located in Metamorfossi, 6 Papadiamanti Street, Postal Code 14452, Greece. All legal statements, dates or terms which are governed by the terms of use mentioned are exclusively subject to Greek law. The users are explicitly and unconditionally bound that any possible legal dispute, which may arise in any way whatsoever due to the use of the present www.erreduemakeup.com web page or due to a purchase made through the present electronic store, will be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.

Limitation of Liability

AROMCA provides through the www.erreduemakeup.com web page content, products and services “as they are” and as defined in the relevant sections below. AROMCA shall not be liable for any claim of legal, civil or penal nature; additionally, it shall not be liable for any damages (direct, special, or consequential which indicatively but non exclusively, alternatively and/or cumulatively, consist in loss of profit, loss of data, lost profits, compensation etc.) that visitors-users of the website or third parties may incur related to the operation or not, and/or the use of the website, and/or the failure to provide services and/or information provided by the website, and / or interventions of third parties to products and / or services and / or information provided through the www.erreduemakeup.com web page .

Neither we nor any third party whatsoever can provide any guarantee with regard to the accuracy, timeliness, presentation, completeness or properness of the website, the content or the products for any specific purpose whatsoever. The web page, its content as well as the products are provided “as they are” and “as they are made available” and you use the web page, its content and products exclusively at your own risk.

AROMCA provides no guarantee on the availability of the products presented in the web page; however, it commits itself to notifying its customers as fast as possible of their non-availability, in case they are interested in buying a non-available product.

Furthermore, AROMCA shall not be liable to customers for damage that may arise from the performance or not of their order. Moreover, it reserves itself with regard to the delivery time of products, when delays are due to actions or events beyond its control, indicatively including fire, explosion, damage due to over-voltage or floods, in cases of force majeure, such as war, revolution, civil war, industrial disturbances, including, without limitation, strikes, demonstrations, etc.

Privacy of transactions

Privacy is taken for granted. The same basic principles that govern the usual and established transactions in a physical store also apply to an electronic store. All information provided by the users-members of the present web page and electronic store to us is private. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure that it is used only to the extent deemed necessary in the context of the services provided by us. Some of the measures taken are as follows:

Only authorized employees have access to your transactions data and only when necessary, e.g. so as to process your requests, questions, orders, etc. Your personal data and transactions are disclosed only after your written authorization or when dictated by judicial decision or decision of another public authority.

Orders: Terms & Conditions

The present terms describe the basic purchase agreement from you and sales on our part of Erre Due products described in the www.erreduemakeup.com website and are made exclusively through this website.

Basic sales data

AROMKA shall sell to you and you will purchase only the products submitted in your electronic order, once we have accepted your order.

No order submitted on your part will be deemed to have been accepted by us until it is confirmed by an e-mail sent by us. Any mistake or omission in any information or document issued by us is subject to correction on condition that the correction does not substantially affect the products sale contract.


The quantity and description of merchandise will be as explicitly stated in your electronic order. Orders are accepted subject to our discretion exclusively, and we have the right to withdraw from any contract. Orders are accepted as a rule, provided that products are available, the order reflects current prices, they are within the area of delivery and your payment card has been approved for the transaction or another payment method has been agreed upon.

You are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the terms of any order you submit to us, as well as for the necessary information regarding the products you order. Additionally, you should grant us sufficient time to fulfil the contract according to the terms of the “time of order fulfilment” relevant section. The quality, quantity, description and all specifications of merchandise shall be those specified in the relevant sections of the present www.erreduemakeup.com web page. We reserve the right to make changes to the merchandise specifications according to the legal provisions and the European Union directives in force at any given time.

Order through our e-shop at the www.erreduemakeup.com electronic address

You can place electronic orders and purchase Erre Due products as follows: Select the products you are interested in by using the search mechanisms or by using the various theme sections of the present web page (e.g. Eyes, Lips). Press the indicated “ADD TO SHOPPING BAG” link which is marked in the centre of the page and the respective product will be moved to the electronic “shopping bag”. After selecting the products you wish to purchase press the SHOPPING BAG link where the total payment sum will appear and you will be asked to specify a means of payment, delivery and follow the required process to complete your order in general. Products that do not bear the “SHOPPING BAG” indication, are not available for sale from this web page.

Merchandise price

The merchandise price is the price stated on our web page in the relevant “product price” field the moment you submit your order. We reserve the right to modify the prices stated on this web page on condition that, when we accept an order form you, the price of products will be in any case the price stated in the relevant field of the web page the moment you submit your order. The total product price stated in all fields of this web page includes Value Added Tax (V.A.T.); however, it does not include shipping cost which is specified in the “Product shipping Information” relevant section.

Payment methods

You can pay for your order in the following ways:

By Visa/ Mastercard credit or debit card or by PayPal

By providing your payment card data when you submit your order electronically: You confirm and guarantee that the information is true, precise, complete, and valid and that you are the authorized user of the bank card or the Pay Pal account you use to pay for our products.

In case we take recourse to competent courts to receive sums due, due to your own fault, you agree that in addition to paying the abovementioned sums, you shall remunerate AROMCA for all the expenses incurred so as to recover sums due, including judicial cost, lawyer fees, and all other legal expenses in general.

In case you cannot fully pay for the products from your account, due to the fact that your card credit balance is insufficient or due to any other problem regarding the payment method you have selected, then the order is suspended and the delivery is cancelled. In this case, once you have settled the issue that has arisen you can notify us so that we can process your order again. In any case, with regard to what was mentioned above you will receive a relevant e-mail in the electronic address you have specified.

Your personal data shall not be notified to any third party whatsoever unless you have granted written permission and consent.

Pay on delivery

If the delivery location is in Greece, you can pay in cash upon delivery of the products you ordered at the address you specified while completing your electronic order. This service has an additional charge of two (2) euros. When you receive the products you have ordered you pay in full the due sum of the products you have ordered, the shipping costs and the additional charge to the employee of the courier company that delivers the order to you. Payments can also be made through a POS System if products are collected from the local courier service point.

Pay on delivery is not possible as regards the delivery of merchandise outside Greece.

Product availability

If your order includes products which are not instantly available and we are unable to deliver all goods included in your order but only some of them, we shall contact you via e-mail in the electronic address you have specified and will notify you of the issue. With regard to the rest of the order you will be notified anew via e-mail when goods are available.

Merchandise ownership

Given that the completion and submission of the product order form of this website entails a payment obligation, the merchandise belongs to us until you pay in full the purchase price of the ordered products-merchandise as well as the relevant shipping cost.


Communication between you and AROMCA is specified as follows:

All notifications-information-announcements are sent to you electronically through messages in the special communication form of our web page. Additionally, they should be regarded as sent once they have been placed in the electronic system and can no longer be controlled by the message author. All notifications-information-announcements will be deemed to have been received by the recipient once they enter in readable form the electronic system the recipient has access to. Furthermore, all notifications-information-announcements from us to you will be made through e-mail sent to the electronic address you have indicated.


If any part of a clause or an individual clause is deemed to be invalid, void or non-enforceable, then the rest of the clauses in question or individual ones are deemed to be valid and enforceable.

In case any provision of the present Terms is judged by any Court or competent authority to be invalid, illegal or non-enforceable in total or in part, this will not affect the validity or enforcement of the other provisions of the present Terms and the rest of the provision in question shall not and will not affect the validity, legality and enforceability of the provision in question, in any other jurisdiction.

In any case we shall attempt to settle any dispute fast and effectively. If you are dissatisfied with the manner of settlement you can take recourse to the exclusive judicial jurisdiction of the Greek courts, specifically of the city of Athens.


The company responsible for the content of the specific website is:
6 Papadiamanti Street, Postal Code 144 52, Metamorfossi, Athens, Greece
Telephone:  +30 210 28 35 001 Fax : +30 210 28 53 758
E-mail : info@erreduemakeup.com
Person in charge: Nikiforos Giordas
General Electronic Commercial Registry: 000393901000

Thank you for visiting the web page and the electronic store of Erre Due!