Cost & Shipping – Delivery


Delivery and Responsibility

The merchandise is delivered by the couriers AROMCA collaborates with at the delivery address specified by you when completing the Order form; the address appears in the Order document. We make no deliveries to post office box addresses. It is important that the address information is absolutely correct. You are requested to provide accurate information with regard to where you wish the Order products to be delivered, if you are not present at the delivery address. In case that due to your fault the delivery of the order is delayed, we shall not be liable after the date you agreed the order to be delivered. Once the merchandise is delivered according to your shipping instructions, you are solely responsible for it. We are no longer liable once the products have been delivered to you, with the exception of damage due to our omission or to a defective product.

Specifically with regard to the delivery of merchandise outside Greece the responsibility as well the possible cost of the merchandise certification and customs clearing is borne exclusively by the customer. We do not accept returns for reasons regarding certification or customs clearing and the shipping cost is borne exclusively by the purchaser.

Product shipping cost

The shipping cost of all products available through our web page is borne by customers according to what is stated below:

AROMCA fully bears the shipping cost of orders over 35 (thirty-five) euros within Greece.

If this amount is less than or equal to thirty-five (35) euros, the shipping cost of the product shall be borne by the customer at a fixed charge of three (3) euros.

ATTENTION! There is likely to be an additional charge for cities of Greece where the Courier Company does not have an office/ branch or with regard to some far away islands. If you pick-up the products from the Courier company’s service point which is not regarded as inaccessible, there is no additional charge.

AROMCA fully bears the shipping cost of orders over 55 (fifty-five) euros outside Greece. Ιf this amount is less than or equal to fifty-five (55) euros, the shipping cost of the product shall be borne by the customer at a fixed charge of twelve (12) euros.

Order fulfillment time – product delivery

Once the order has been checked and confirmed by out system, the order shall be fulfilled and the products shall be shipped within 1 to 3 working calendar days and in any case within 30 calendar days after the submission of your order and its acceptance by us.

Cancellation due to late delivery

Both parties have the right to terminate the contract in case obligations regarding delivery have not been fulfilled. In case of cancellation of an order for reasons of late delivery due to AROMCA fault you will be refunded any sum you have paid as well as the product return shipping cost you may have paid.

Product check and damage during shipping

AROMCA bears no responsibility for any delay due to the Courier who has undertaken the delivery of ordered products, or for any damage done during the shipping of the order. Once you have collected the products it is your responsibility to check the products within twenty four (24) hours and notify us, so that in case of damage we can seek legal compensation from the couriers we work with. Once the damage has been checked and confirmed we shall send you a new product, identical to the one you ordered. In this case the shipping cost shall be borne by AROMCA.